About Us

Psychotherapy Counselling Clinic provides counselling for  NDIS registered clients and the general public with their therapeutical needs. Our behaviour therapists have helped clients with disorders and mental health issues such as, depression, anxiety, bipolar, OCD, AD(H)D, autism.  We also offer educational services including, non-accredited training and workshops. Counselling clients with empathy and clear and honest discussions. Counsellors are experienced with skills in active listening, body language including ambiguity and the knowledge of mental health, disorders and disabilities that may be impacting the clients life. 

Professional Development Centre was first founded in 2002 in Singapore and Melbourne in 2008 and now trading as Psychotherapy Counseling Clinic in 2022. Our services are provided in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne and beyond, we are not limited to a specific area because we believe in being accessible and flexible to accommodate our clients and their needs.  However, our main rooms are in Malvern we also offer tele-health and online video conferencing Face-to-Face where possible..


We develop and implement programs to assist with adjustment, motivation, and growth for both adults and children. Specifically, we work with ‘cognitive behaviour therapy, ERP, narrative therapy’. We specialise in supporting adults and children with autism in schools as well as supporting their transition from high school into VET or university studies.

We are fervent about equality for all people and in particular, advocate for senior adults that have acquired a disability, mental health condition, or other disorders and struggling.

Equality for all people is important to us and in particular, advocating for those with a disability, senior adults, mental health, and other disorders.



Workshops – 2022

    Book your seat through chat or email deborah@pdcentre.com

$60 – 3 hour session 

1. OCD for carers and participants – understand the condition

      2. Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attack.
      3. Bipolar disorder.


What We Offer





Fees –HICAPS  Health Industry Claims and Payments Service, means we can do an automatic on the spot rebate claim payment at our rooms in   Malvern .


Workshops 2022

Workshops for counsellors, allied professionals, parents and teachers

Workshop 1. The relativeness of adults’ ‘everyday behaviour’ towards their children

3 sessions 10 am – 2pm

Who should do this workshop? Suitable for parents and guardians.

Workshop 2. Understanding elders and avoiding elders abuse

4 sessions 10 am – 2 pm

Who should do the workshop? Suitable for Professional Development or any one that has an elder parent / grandparent.

Workshop 3. Cyber Bullying

3 Sessions

Who should do this work shop?  Professionals (PD), parents and teachers.

Workshop 4. Mindfulness 

1 session introductory 1 session practical with option of further practical sessions. Sessions 10 am – 11.15 am

Workshop 5. Resilience for Children

2 sessions 10 am – 3 pm

Who should do this work shop?  Professionals (PD), parents and teachers.

Still Have Questions?

phone: 0447 262 130 | email: counselling@pdcentre.com